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Zhengzhou Zhenzhong Fused New Material Co.,LTD

Company Name: Zhengzhou Zhenzhong Fused New Material Co.,LTD
Country: China
Adress: No 61,Daxue Road Zhengzhou-Henan
ZIP: 450000
fused monoclinic zirconia powder 2016-03-15 10:01:35
Physical Spec: Chemical Spec: Place of Origin: China Price: 0.0 Price Type: FOB Details:

Using Zhengzhou's patented technology,this product is obtained by electro-fusion of zircon to desilicate.It's mainly used in refractory,ceramic pigment,ceramic placing sand,zirconium rod,automotive brake additives,etc.In area of matallurgical refractories,such as zirconia nozzle and sliding plate,Zhenzhong products,with its unique exceelent thermal shock resistance,has more than 70% share of China's domestic market.

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